Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"As the Sun Sets Slowly in the West . . . "

A month ago, Gossips reported that, according to word on the street, the mural at Animalkind in the 700 block of Warren Street was coming down. This morning, Bob Mechling, who is on the board of directors of Animalkind, sent this picture, confirming that what we'd heard was true. As part of the renovations after a disastrous fire in May 2012, the building is getting a facelift and losing the mural.


  1. Frankly I liked the sign. It's colorful, creative and different. I dare to say that it was part of why Hudson is funkie and not cookie cutter, and i will miss it as much as I will miss the arched window on the second floor. Sometimes preservation works and sometimes it backfires.

    1. To clarify, Jennifer, I don't think the Historic Preservation Commission had anything to do with this. They certainly didn't direct Animalkind to remove the mural, and I can't remember if they ever actually approved the new windows. The project came before the HPC in January, but then the architect that was working on the project quit, and I'm not sure the project ever came back before the HPC after photographs were located that showed the building before those solid plate glass windows were installed in the oriel.