Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In Case You Missed It

Mayor William Hallenbeck signed Hudson's anti-fracking legislation into law on Monday afternoon, but Citizens in Defense of Hudson remain steadfast in their criticism of the law for its inadequacy. John Mason had the story in yesterday's Register-Star: "Citizens group: Fracking law's holes big enough to melt ice." 


  1. The argument made by "Citizens in Defense of Hudson" was a sensible one, and it merited a reply.

    It's too easy to imagine how the law can be circumvented when the USE or APPLICATION of a fracking byproduct is explained as being different than its “disposal, treatment, staging or storage."

    If the CDH's efforts were not permitted to effect the language of the resolution, then why not? Did they get a reply from anyone why the word "use" or "application" couldn't be added?

    Here is the draft of the law at the city website:;/content/Meetings/View/83:field=documents;/content/Documents/File/1331.pdf

  2. The answer is simple.
    Once again, we had to fight our own elected and appointed City Officials, to try to protect our community and the environment. It has been a horrendous use of good caring citizens' time and energy.

    Dec.11,2012 ,C.C. defeated their own resolution, to ban fracking by one Alderman vote. It was founder of Citizens in Defense of Hudson,Cheryl L.Stuart ,who reached out to Alderman Wanda Pertilla , who listened,understood and publicly stated she would change her vote. This caused a re-vote.
    Also through the fine efforts of:
    Dawn Vennekohl, Manda Weintruab, Ed Reisner, Bob Rasner,Alderman David Marston
    Sarah Eckel
    Legislative & Policy Director
    Citizens Campaign for the Environment
    Nadia Steinzor
    Eastern Program Coordinator, Oil & Gas accountability Project
    Who by coming all the way to Hudson ,to speak in front of Common Council,and two County Officials,
    caused City Attorney Roberts, to write an amendment that afternoon before Nadia's arrival,
    ...which did not address much of what we were asking to be included, but was slightly better.

    We continued to press hard, for a comprehensive law and we were continually fought,by our City Attorney and many elected officials.

    So,as of Monday evening,
    Fracking is Banned in Hudson,NY

    Although the law does not address the threats of transport ,spills, remediation, real fines,and use of production fluid by-products; nearly enough or at all, despite all of our efforts,
    it was very important to get this on the books NOW, and not buried on some desk.
    NYS decisions on banning fracking are fragile and weigh in the balance.
    So,as of Monday evening,
    Hudson NY can stand and be counted ,in solidarity with other counties, cities and towns, that have banned Hydro-Fracking through the Home Rule Law of NYS.
    Many of these municipalities near us have specifically banned use of any production fluid waste by-products, with hefty fines for spills and cost of any possible remediation..
    because like us , drilling is not the threat.

    We will continue to press,to amend Hudson's new law,for the most comprehensive protection of our community and the environment.

  3. Why the 3-letter word "use" - as in the USE of fracking byproducts - could not be added to the Resolution is beyond me.

    Once again we see "a horrendous use of good caring citizens' time and energy," not to mention the waste of an NGO's resources. (Last time it was Riverkeeper's efforts which were silenced by the arrogant council.)

    Once again, citizens have had to "FIGHT our own elected and appointed City Officials" to do the right and simple thing.

    Hudson is getting a bad reputation: if you care enough to get involved about the simplest of issues concerning your community, you will be crushed here. Come to Hudson and have the feeling of being owned.

    Whether it's for mayor, alderman or council president, for the good of the city the coming election should be about a single issue:

    One side MUST promise to rid the city of that seemingly unaccountable menace, attorney Cheryl Roberts. The other side should be forced to take the position of promising to retain her and every shady thing she stands for (along with her towering contempt for the public she's meant to serve).

    Roberts is Hudson's very own Lois Lerner. Look at every pathology with process and policy-making in this city and this unelected official sits at the nexus.