Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting from Point A to Point B

It has often been considered a desirable goal to make it possible for people to descend directly from Promenade Hill to the boat launch and riverfront park. A couple of ways to achieve this have been suggested over the years. One involved an enclosed walkway out over the railroad tracks at the level of Promenade Hill to an elevator that would bring people down the west face of the bluff to water's edge. Another idea was to build a staircase, with lots of switchbacks and landings, down the south face of the bluff from Promenade Hill to the boat launch parking lot.

Photo by Paul Smith for NPR
This morning, an NPR report about Medellin, Colombia, which was recently named Innovative City of the Year by the Urban Land Institute, suggested another possibility. In Medellin, gondolas and ski lifts are used to connect neighborhoods built on the mountainsides with the metropolitan center. Could we connect Promenade Hill and the waterfront with perhaps a chair lift?


  1. They did it in Portland.

  2. Are you serious?
    I think it is insane to even propose such an idea.
    Why would anyone want to alter the view from Promenade Hill by adding an elevator?
    I can't begin to imagine the costs to design, build, operate, etc. a mechanical transporter.
    Have you considered hang gliding?
    Maybe we should concentrate on improving the Statue/fountain, the landscape of the existing parks in Hudson including Hudson's other waterfront...Oakdale & Underhill

  3. Ridiculous, now a tram to Athens with a middle island midway...