Thursday, June 13, 2013

For the Love of Trees and Film

Last Saturday night, Basilica Hudson launched its Tree + Film fundraising campaign with a dance party, which, creative director Melissa Auf der Maur told Gossips, raised $1,200 to plant trees around the Basilica and make improvements on the North Hall cinema space.

For the tree planting part of the project, the Basilica is working with landscape designer Wenonah Webster and Pondside Nursery to develop a long-term plan to bring trees, shade, and natural beauty to the site to "counter balance the aging industrial landscape." The first phase is promised to be a row of five maples and five dogwoods along the Basilica's Front Street perimeter. 

The film part of the project involves technical improvements to the screening room--new projector, new screen, new sound system, and maybe even heat and air conditioning--and new program initiatives.

The Basilica is continuing its fundraising appeal with an indiegogo campaign. Check it out, and be sure to watch the video which features Auf der Maur and includes many other familiar faces.

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