Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Galvan Gallery Update

At the beginning of the year, Gossips published what was at the time a complete list of properties owned by T. Eric Galloway, Galvan Partners, and the Galvan Initiatives Foundation. The recent acquisition of 405 Warren Street by Galvan Partners at public auction prompted Gossips to wonder what other properties Galvan may have acquired since January and consult the 2013 Tentative Assessment Roll to find out. 

Two buildings owned by the Galvan Initiative Foundation have been added to the assessment roll since January.

223 Union Street
Of the sixteen houses on the south side of this block of Union Street, Galvan now owns four, and three contiguous vacant lots.

27 Union Street
Of the twenty houses on the south side of Union Street between South Front and Second streets, Galvan now owns five. Two of the houses have side yards that are potential building lots, and one of these yards has already been subdivided.

Two more buildings have been acquired by Galvan in recent weeks.

405 Warren Street
Galvan Partners was the high bidder for this building at Saturday's auction of property seized for nonpayment of taxes.

Allen Street School
Galvan's purchase of this building has been confirmed several times over in the past few hours.

Studying the 2013 Tentative Assessment Roll permits some interesting observations. Once upon a time, it seemed that Phil Gellert was the biggest property owner in Hudson. Today, Gellert's properties fill a little more than three pages in the assessment roll (pages 122 to 125), whereas the properties owned by Eric Galloway, Galvan Partners, and the Galvan Initiatives Foundation fill eight pages (pages 110 to 118).

Also in January, the assessment roll indicated that three properties were owned by T. Eric Galloway, twenty-eight properties were owned by the Galvan Initiatives Foundation, and seventeen by Galvan Partners. Since January, the ownership of several properties has shifted. T. Eric Galloway is now listed as the owner of only two properties, Galvan Partners as the owner of six, and the Galvan Initiatives Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation, is listed as the owner of the other forty-two.


  1. I just want to know when Warren Street will be renamed "Genesee Street":

  2. Does anyone know how how many of these 50 properties are a) empty and b) in poor condition?

  3. Maybe Galvan will actually DO something with that wonderful Allen Street School building ... one can only hope in Hudson ... thats all we get.