Wednesday, June 26, 2013

School Taxes at Work

The Albany Business Journal published its list of salaries for school superintendents in the Capital Region today: "Here are the Capital Region superintendent salaries." Of the ninety-three school districts included, Niskayuna Central School District, which serves an affluent Schenectady suburb, will pay its superintendent the most in 2013-2014: $192,000 in salary and $52,648 in benefits.

The superintendent of the Hudson City School District, Maria Suttermeier will receive $140,000 in salary and $56,000 in benefits. Among Columbia County school districts, Suttmeier's salary for 2013-2014 is less than that of the superintendents for Chatham ($158,094), Ichabod Crane ($153,000), New Lebanon ($145,998), and Germantown ($145,736) but more than that of the new superintendent at Taconic Hills ($125,073).

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