Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Where's the Sunshine?"

Seven months ago, after exposing what he called "Sleepergate," Will Pflaum shut down his blog Sunshine on the Hudson. He suspended his blogging to, in his own words, "give the State Police and the Comptroller a chance to do something about alleged ongoing felonies in Columbia County government without me bothering them. . . ." 

Now Sunshine is back, and in his first post after the seven-month hiatus, Pflaum reports on the outcome of his Sleepergate investigations.


  1. It's a tremendous thing you're doing Mr. Pflaum. I am personally indebted to your example.

    It would take three of you to turn Hudson around for good. But if only one of you wants to take a shot at it, then you're more than welcome!

    1. Thank you. It would only take a honest law enforcement officer with a 100 IQ 24 hours to clean the whole county up. The house of cards would collapse with three interviews and 10 questions.

    2. Alas, we are mere citizens and our officials are mere mortals.

      We're trying to make some of the bad things stick though, so stay tuned.

      Again, you not only showed that it's possible but that it's worthy.

      Believe it or not, the biggest struggle in Hudson is to make the latter argument to neighbors, that scrutiny of dubious official practice is a worthy exercise. Pretty sad, huh?

      I suppose that's why these folks will wait forever for their 100-IQ 24/7 leader.

      The 'Gossips' blog is a giant step forward though, and now I look forward to visiting your blog again too.

  2. Hudson neighbors - readers of Gossips - I beseech you to visit Will Pflaum's blog to see what this fellow is accomplishing.

    He's one guy standing up to the DA and scores of others, so what stops all of us from standing up to our own Common Council and City Hall?

    Are we just so old that we don't even care about passing the torch?

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