Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eric J. Feight Is NOT from Hudson

I awoke this morning to hear yesterday's news repeated on WAMC: that one of the men accused of conspiring to build a device that could silently zap "enemies" with deadly doses of radiation was from Hudson. Even worse, the Register-Star, our local newspaper, similarly reported, unquestioningly, that the alleged co-conspirator was a "Hudson man." 

As Gossips discovered yesterday by simply checking an online database, and Sam Pratt confirmed by consulting Columbia County voter records, Eric J. Feight lives at 115 Knitt Road, which is in Ghent or Stockportmiles away from the city limits of Hudson. When will it occur to peopleparticularly reporters from WAMC's Hudson Valley Bureau and Hudson-Catskill Newspapersthat the 12534 zip code extends far beyond the city limits of Hudson, and it cannot be assumed that everyone with a Hudson mailing address is "from Hudson."
Photo credit: Skip Dickstein/Times Union


  1. "The device the two men were suspected of building was never operable and posed no danger to the public, according to the complaint." It is now for sale in a Hudson Antiques Shop. Rumors are that a Hudson developer plans to buy it for use against as yet unspecified enemies.

  2. Rumors that they had formed a gang called The KnittWits could not be confirmed at press time.


  3. Everything still gets dumped on Hudson. In spite of it all it glitters
    like the jewel in the crown, not the hole in the doughnut anymore.