Thursday, April 14, 2016

About the "Wall Decor" at the Senior Center

On Tuesday, Gossips reported on the confusion about the $10,000 donation to the Senior Center from the Galvan Foundation and the donation of "wall decor," valued at more than $10,000, that Commissioner for the Aging Amanda Henry anticipated for the Senior Center.

Some of the donations of "wall decor" have already been received. Earlier this week, grass cloth was installed beneath the chair rail in the two large activity rooms.

The grass cloth and its installation were the gift of Quadrille. The original plan was also to install wallpaper above the chair rail, to make the rooms seem warmer and more welcoming, but the surface of the walls was determined to be too rough to accept wallpaper.

Yesterday, on the City of Hudson Senior Center Facebook page, Henry reported that Quentin Vidor had donated three of his paintings to the Senior Center.


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  1. When might there be actual programs for seniors? Do we know if yoga mats, etc. are being purchased?