Saturday, April 2, 2016

Would That I Had Found This Yesterday

Exploring the old newspapers on the amazing Fulton History site, I discovered this item in the Columbia Republican for April 1, 1916. At the time, World War I--then known as the Great War--had been going on for almost two years, but it would be another year before the United States would enter the war. The month before, Pancho Villa and his band had invaded American territory, burning army barracks and robbing stores in Columbus, New Mexico. Despite all of this, one has to believe that the item was an April Fools' spoof.

Washington Park is the square in front of the courthouse. In 1916, the D.A.R. House was located exactly where it is today, at 113 Warren Street, the Elks Club was at 231 Warren Street, the American Express office was located at 301 Warren Street, and the Police were headquartered in City Hall, the building we now know as the Hudson Opera House, 327 Warren Street.

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  1. Whew! What a relief. The American Express office was extremely important as a communications center. The place where news was telegraphed in & out via Morse Code. My Grandfather was the American Express Agent in Saratoga Springs(of a time).