Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another Distinction for Hudson

Gossips learned this morning that the officially recognized biggest weeping willow tree in all of New York is located right here in Hudson, at the northern end of Front Street, just inside the entrance to the Furgary Boat Club.

Apparently, "biggest" is determined by the circumference of the trunk.

If the tree's canopy were the measure, the weeping willow behind 32 Warren Street would undoubtedly be a contender.



  1. "Biggest" is also determined by "points," which approximate the size of the canopy.

    But what's the source of this wonderful news? It was only a few years ago that the largest of this species was alive and well on Long Island, with a diameter of over 19 feet.

    Well, maybe it fell down, but the Dock Street tree looks a lot smaller, and I'd suppose there are bigger contenders to the south.

    Trees are measured at 4' 6" from the ground, so let's go take a look.

  2. Carol,
    Have you seen the willow on State Street recently ?

  3. This article is factually inaccurate.