Wednesday, April 13, 2016

At the Earlier Time, at the Edge of the Bay

The Register-Star today published the news, which Gossips shared on Monday, that HDC (Hudson Development Corporation) is moving forward in negotiations with Sustainable Community Associates to redevelop the site of the former Kaz warehouses: "Developer with county ties chosen for waterfront project." This attention to the Kaz site inspires me to share this picture, discovered in the Evelyn & Robert Monthie Slide Collection at the Columbia County Historical Society, of the site before the Kaz warehouses or the sprawling L&B building were constructed. (Note the Robert Taylor House in the lower left-hand corner.)

It is not known when this picture was taken, but a clue to dating it is that, when Kaz, Inc., announced in 2008 it was closing its manufacturing facility, Richard Katzman, then the company's CEO, was quoted in the Times Union as saying that Kaz had been in Hudson for fifty years. From that we can surmise that this picture was taken before 1958, but how much before is unknown.


  1. Well the clue is on Mt Merino. The power lines crossing the Hudson River and Mt Merino were built in the late 50's with the first square tower which fell down during construction and then re-built on new piers. The two tall ones at 306ft in height were built I believe in 1960. So this picture is from around 1957-58 time frame. Mike LeSawyer or Joe Gallo could probably validate my findings.......Steve

  2. The 1961 Sanborn fire insurance map shows an extension onto one of the buildings that this photo shows hasn't been built yet.

    The part of the glue factory that's at the furthest right in the photo - a low, flat building - was previously two stories. This is clearly seen in a photo from the early 1950s.

    So when was the glue factory reduced one floor? With what you've said above Steve, that would narrow things right down.