Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hudson and the Rest of the State

Photo: YouTube
The New York Times and other major news media are reporting that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the winners in New York today. In our little bit of New York, the story is just a tad different. In Hudson, Sanders bested Clinton in every ward except the Second Ward. Of the 792 registered Democrats in Hudson who voted today, 458 of them voted for Sanders and 334 voted for Clinton. The strongest support for Sanders was in the Third Ward, where 62 percent of Democrats who came to the polls voted for him.

In the Republican primary, Hudson mirrored the state in its support for Donald Trump. A total of 126 registered Republicans voted in the primary: 81 voted for Trump; 22 voted for John Kasich, and 23 voted for Ted Cruz. Appropriately, nobody voted for Ben Carson, who ended his campaign on March 4, but whose name was still on the ballot.

The numbers reported for Hudson are from the Columbia County Board of Elections' Unofficial Election Night Results


  1. Our wild & crazy Third Ward . . .

  2. Almost half of registered Republicans who voted in the First Ward chose Cruz? I'd love to have some insight into that preference.

    1. Insight: faithless votes.

      Based on GOP rules in NY, Cruz was the best choice to block the Trump delegate count which, falling short of the total of 1,237 needed, could lead to a brokered convention where none of the above are chosen.

      A long shot, yes, but that's pretty much how we got Eisenhower.