Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Help Is Needed to Keep a Good Thing Going

Every summer, for the past five years, Dan and Mary Udell have produced and published a booklet called Hudson Is a Summer Festival, a guide that helps connect the young people of Hudson with more than twenty great summer programs in education, sports, performance, art, and much more.

The guide has been hailed as a godsend by parents and guardians with limited access to transportation and media who find it hard to get information about the many programs available to children and teens in Hudson during the summer. It was inspired by a grandmother who has going to care for her grandchildren for the summer but had no idea how she would occupy their time. She told the Udells later that the booklet had changed her life that summer and the lives of her grandkids. 

In the past, the cost of publishing the booklet has been underwritten by a major benefactor, but this year the Udells are on their own to raise the funds. They do all of the production work themselves, but they need help with the cost of printing 2,500 copies of the 28-page booklet, and so they have launched a fundraising campaign on, the nonprofit offshoot of Indiegogo. Every $30 donation covers the cost of printing 50 copies of the booklet, and every donation is tax reductible. Click here to support the Udells' effort for the young people of Hudson.

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