Tuesday, July 5, 2016

$200 Million for Bridges

Gossips found this press release today on the governor's website: "Governor Cuomo Announces $200 Million Bridge NY Program to Rehabilitate and Replace Bridges Throughout the State." 

There will be competition for money from this source, but could it provide the needed funds sooner than the plan that is now in place?


  1. But when will anyone express any concern about what the next bridge will look like?

    Despite Hudson's disproportionate population of aesthetically-oriented residents, it's typical that we'll leave that decision to the City DPW and its aesthetically- (and ethically-) challenged engineers.

  2. I am curious about this - do we really need a bridge? What purpose does it serve that is vital to the waterfront?
    A pedestrian overpass I can understand but why can't cars just go down to the crossover? It's not trains are zooming in every few minutes.

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  3. Dear Mr. Griffiths: Yes we need a bridge. In case of emergencies,
    emergency vehicles need to get to the waterfront quickly. A bridge is quicker than a grade crossing if a train happens to be passing.

  4. The "dwell time" for trains stopped at the station is two minutes. Has anyone other me inquired of Amtrak? Of course not.

    I think Mr. Griffiths revisits a good question. Are we asking tens of millions of dollars for a two minute wait?

    According to the City Code, the length of time an ADM train may block 7th Street is 5 minutes. That doesn't seem to phase the HPD in the least, though they're in the business of emergency services.

    And please don't recite to us Amtrak's plans for Broad Street. They can't close off a City's access to the river unless they're willing to chip in for the bridge.

    If this issue is really about raking in grant money, then it's time to take up the question again whether or not the City really needs this.

  5. As a policy I thought the RR wanted to do away with rail crossings where ever possible.

    1. The operative words: "wherever possible."

      Wherever possible, they take, and take, and take.