Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hudson in a New Novel

Lisa Lutz, author of the New York Times bestselling Spellman Files series, has a new book, published this year, called The Passenger. GoodReads calls it a "blistering thriller . . . about a woman who creates and sheds new identities as she crisscrosses the country to escape her past." One of the brief stops along the way is our own dear Hudson:
I got off the train in Albany sometime before three p.m. I purchased a ticket on the Empire Service, one stop to Hudson. I walked along Warren Street until I spotted in my peripheral vision the kind of motel to which I'd grown accustomed. I took a detour and checked into the Roosevelt Inn. . . . I located the library, which was closed for the day. I stopped in at an old-style diner, ordered a burger, and returned to the Roosevelt for my last night in a real bed.
Lutz takes some liberties with Hudson Valley geography. The Roosevelt Inn, the name she gives to the Rivertown Lodge (obviously in its previous life) is in Hyde Park not in Hudson, and at some point she observes that Red Hook is just a short cab ride away. The main character does eventually make it to the Hudson Area Library (so identified), and when she does, you just know that she's at 400 State Street and not the armory.

I sought out the book just to find the passages about Hudson I'd been told about, but I am now reading it from the beginning.

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