Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Preview of the Ramp

A ramp will soon be constructed to provide universal access to Promenade Hill. Although no one wants to deny anyone the access to Hudson's oldest public space and the spectacular views it affords, there is concern about the appearance of the ramp and its compatibility with the 18th-century design of the promenade. The illustration below shows the design now being considered.

The ramp would begin in the parking lot behind 1 North Front Street and proceed north to the edge of the boundary with Hudson Terrace. Then it would continue along the northern edge of the park west to the existing path along the bluff, with a landing at the playground. A rendering showing the ramp in context, from the perspective of someone standing in the parking lot, is being developed and will be submitted soon. 


  1. I'm glad to see a new idea other than the previous full frontal approach.

    But what is "bonded gravel," which is the proposed surface on the Promenade proper?

    I remember how the Greenport Land Conservancy was transformed for the worst after gravel paths were laid down throughout at great expense (also done for greater wheelchair accessibility).

    To anyone other than the most amateur naturalist, that was the absolute end of listening for far off bird life. Since then, you're only able to hear the sound of your own and other's crunching.

    Beware the law of unintended consequences ...

  2. What a novel idea, the path of least resistance, maximum use and minimal cost. That's the unobstructed path e-bikers now use.

    1. Yes, as in "A Pattern Language," just watch where the feet are already walking.