Friday, July 8, 2016

Flags on City Hall

Last November, after the terrorist attacks in Paris, the columns at City Hall were wrapped with an American flag and the flag of France. The flags were Hudson's expression of sorrow and support and, in the words of Council president Don Moore, a way to show that "a little city can stand with Paris and the cities attacked by these fanatics who don't share what city life means for its citizens."

Today, the columns of City Hall are wrapped with an American flag and the flag of Bangladesh. Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton posted a picture of the flags on several Facebook pages, along with this message: "To our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters here in Hudson and around the world, we grieve with you and stand with you in the wake of the horrible, hateful acts of terrorism in Dhaka and Kishoregani."

According to reports, the American flag, which is hanging incorrectly in this photograph, has since been rehung appropriately, with the field of stars at the left rather than the right.

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