Friday, July 29, 2016

Student Journalism Project

Gossips has been asked to share the following message.

We are a group of students participating in the Hudson City School District Summer Boost Up Academy. With the help of Peter Meyer of School Life Media, we are learning what a journalist does and how to write a story for a publication. Our first story involves the history of Hudson. We are looking for answers to the following questions:
  • Were there ever any movies filmed in Hudson?
  • Are there any people born/raised in Hudson who became famous?
  • What were the schools like in the past?
  • Why is the Hudson City School District's mascot a Blue Hawk?
  • Were different neighborhoods (within Hudson) established by ethnicity, during the early 1900s?
  • How was Hudson involved in the Underground Railroad?
  • How and when was Hudson founded?
  • Are there any historic buildings in Hudson that have been demolished? (Photos appreciated.)
  • What is Promenade Park?
  • Who were the first settlers in Hudson? When was it founded?
  • Why are there whale pictures all over Hudson?

There's a very good chance Gossips readers know the answers to these questions. In fact, the answers to many of them can be found in Gossips posts. If you are willing to help the students out, you email your responses to The information you provide will be read by the students.


  1. Sometimes good old fashion research is what is needed. The library and/or online resources is where to start.

  2. The local lore has it that my block, Robinson Street, was a Polish neighborhood back when. At the west end of the block, where Robinson intersects 2nd Street, was the Polish Catholic Church, which still stands, but is now a private residence rather than a church. It and the adjacent rectory building next to it (also a private residence now), enjoy perhaps the most splendid view of the Hudson River of anywhere in Hudson, which view I have been most privileged to savor.

  3. Chad, the kids took a tour of the library the other day. Very important part of research. But in a town like Hudson, so much of the history -- journalists, as you know write the first draft of history -- is still in the memories of people living next door! thanks. And thanks Steve -- I have always admired that Church and that view. Is that for sale? --peter

    1. It was - twice - in the past two years, first from the candy makers from Canada to a famous Chinese photographer from Bejing, and then to the current owner. But not now. The current owner is giving the church a face lift. I am pining for the rectory building myself. But the owner has been there for about 30 years, and has no intention of decamping. So I pretend that I see the view through the twin buildings from the second floor of our home, about 3 doors down on Robinson Street.