Friday, July 29, 2016

Strip Mall Aesthetic

A few weeks ago, the trees that bordered the entrance to the strip mall where Price Chopper is located were cut down, allegedly because they were obstructing the view of the stores from the street.

Increased visibility from the street seems also to be the goal of the facade changes that are about to happen at Fairview Plaza, although mercifully they don't involve the elimination of trees. There are no trees in Fairview Plaza.

On Tuesday, the Greenport Planning Board gave unanimous approval to a plan to resurface the parapet on the buildings in the mall and increase its height from 21 feet to 25 feet. The signs for the individual stores will be mounted on the heightened parapet. The facade of Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts was cited as an example of what the rest of the mall will look like when the facade changes have been completed.



  1. Has the concept of landscaped berms as a landscaping device between street and shopping center parking lot, ever entered the consciousness of folks in the Hudson Valley? I must say that Fairview Avenue is one of the most butt ugly disasters that is out there. But then, I know, Greenport has no zoning laws.

    1. Yes, a municipality with no zoning laws which wants to be Lead Agency over a project fraught with zoning issues in the City's South Bay.

      Business as usual in the Hudson Valley.

  2. My partner and I saw them butchering those trees when we were at Price Chopper a couple of weeks ago. And they did this so that the stores could be seen from the street? Really? The stores are so far back from Fairview that nobody is going to see them, with or without trees. The big sign on the Avenue is what people will see, and the landscaping (or now, absence of same) is irrelevant.