Tuesday, February 13, 2018

DRI Watch

The PowerPoint presentation from last week's DRI open house is now available on the Hudson DRI website.

The website also provides the information that for the next three days--February 13 to 15--a DRI Local Planning Sub-committee, made up of ten members of the LPC, will be reviewing the projects and the public comments. On Thursday, March 1, the DRI Local Planning Committee will have its final meeting, from 6 to 8 p.m., at John L. Edwards Primary School. The website indicates that "key elements of the draft plan" will be submitted to the LPC at this meeting. 

From then on, it appears that our fate is in the hands of the state. On March 5, Stantec, the planners assigned to Hudson, will submit a draft of the "Hudson DRI Investment Plan" to the Department of State for review and comment. On March 31, the Final Investment Plan will be submitted by Stantec to the Governor's Office for review. In the summer, we'll find out which projects will be funded.  

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  1. Where does the Housing Task Force fit into all this? It resides on the DRI page, but we never hear about it.