Friday, February 16, 2018

Something to Bear in Mind

In the numbing aftermath of the country's most recent mass shooting in a high school in Florida, when many are, once again, calling for stricter gun control, there is this.  

This image is from John Faso's campaign website, where he declared himself "an avid supporter of the Second Amendment" with "a lifetime 'A' rating from the NRA" and promised to "oppose and fight against Washington overreach and liberal efforts to trample on our freedoms."


  1. What was Gillibrand's NRA rating when it was convenient for her to be a believer? And why do I suspect Faso might reinvent himself, too, if he saw the greater opportunity in a new direction?

  2. "Liberal efforts to trample our freedoms".
    It would be laughable if it wasn't such an effective marketing tool.

  3. What part don't you LIBERALS get. The problem isn't gun control its the lack of parental control !

  4. the mentally disturbed boy purchased the AR-15 automatic rifle from the Tactical Supply Co in Coral Springs Fla. The shop performed a cursory background check.

    This begs the question - why do Americans need assault rifles in Coral Springs and are we living in a military war zone where tactical equipment is available to basically anyone.

    it is time to get real and radically reduce the availability of military guns to the public. hunting guns okay, but this ?