Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Snow Day Cancellations

Alderman Tiffany Garriga (Second Ward), chair of the new Housing & Transportation Committee of the Common Council, has announced that tonight's meeting of the committee, which was to take place at 6:45 at City Hall, has been canceled. 

The meeting of the Youth, Education, Seniors & Recreation Committee meeting, scheduled for 5:30 tonight, has also been canceled by its chair, Kamal Johnson (First Ward). 

We all can stay home tonight--safe, warm, and dry. 

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  1. Here is another snow day post:

    The red fox, who seems to be camping out on my wooded property, can be seen very easily against this lovely white background. My orange tiger cat Rascal, who is always eager to go out, senses when the critter is around, and is happy to stay inside for a change. He is now on Critter Watch for the rest of the day, while I am studying my Track Finder book and can't wait for tracks to show up in the snow so I can know who else is around.

    --Snow White