Tuesday, February 6, 2018

From Tanner's House to Tavern

Yesterday, when I posted the ad for the DRI "Community Open House" happening on Thursday at 6 p.m., I pulled the image out of the e-edition of the weekend Register-Star. The picture it featured was too small (and too low resolution) to show much detail. Today, a reader sent me the link to the image used for the ad, which is also a flyer, on the State's DRI website. There the picture is much clearer, and it is possible to see that it includes not only the redeveloped Robert Taylor House but also the reconfigured Second Street stairs.

The vision for the Second Street stairs first appeared in the original DRI application

Above is the vision for the future. Below is the reality today.



  1. The artist's rendition of the 2nd Street stairway is impossible in the real world given the actual steepness of the slope. Wasn't there a similar illusion in the artist's rendition of the redesigned stairs for the Promenade?

    I never cared for Plato's dire warnings about art and illusion, but when it comes to planning efforts he may have had a point. Decision-making should look to what's possible in our familiar three dimensions, and not to make-believe.

    1. Agreed. We have a good archive in Hudson to prove the point. Fancy drawings to the approving agency; the reality that is then "too late" to change. Carole, I'm sure you could put those dreams/realities together.

    2. When it comes to ramps, I already did: https://gossipsofrivertown.blogspot.com/2017/08/renderings-and-reality.html.

  2. another crazy badly designed staircase !!

    we have the Funhouse ramp for wheelchairs that would kill any disabled person between State St and Columbia -- lets take another look at that misguided idea.

    its a "modern" or post modern urban renewal idea combining supposed wheelchair accessibility with the latest in high tech design. the worst ! and competely unusable.

  3. My understanding of restaurant economics lead me to doubt the profitability (i.e. sustainability) of a tavern in the Tanner House -- it's too small to generate the revenue per square foot necessary to sustain unless the prices are ultra-high.