Monday, February 5, 2018

Re-imagining Hudson

Since last summer, Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood and Kite's Nest have been engaged in an innovative community design process called Raising Places. The process is funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and mentored by representatives of the Greater Good Studio in Chicago. The goal of the process is to create conditions in Hudson where kids can thrive.

Raising Places Design Team

Raising Places Youth Advisory Board
Yesterday afternoon, the community gathered at the Hudson Area Library to review the ideas generated by the process--all 235 of them--and explore what it would take to make them happen. Over the months, the ideas were organized into three categories: 

Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship
Job Search Hub (physical)
Job Search Hub (digital)
Internship Program
Youth Entrepreneurship Program
Youth-friendly Transit Schedule

Positive Police & Community Interactions
Community-driven Police Training Program
Youth Liaison App
Community & Police Workshop

Affordable & Accessible Spaces
People-friendly Parks Plan
Increased Protection and Services for Landlords and Tenants
Zoning for Children and Families (and Everyone!)
Menu of Inclusionary Housing Policy Options
Community Land/Housing Trust

Sara Kendall, of Kite's Nest, recounted the process thus far and explained that the next steps would be evolving and further shaping the ideas, piloting some of them, determining what would be needed to realize the plans, and perhaps handing some of the projects off to other groups for implementation. To see all the ideas that the process started with, click here

Dan Udell was there yesterday to document the meeting, and his video can be viewed here.  

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