Tuesday, February 13, 2018

More DRI News

Earlier this morning, I reported that a subcommittee of ten members of the DRI Local Planning Committee would, over the course of this week, be reviewing the proposed projects and comments from the public. Uncertain who the ten people who made up this subcommittee were, I asked Sheena Salvino, executive director of HDC (Hudson Development Corporation). She reminded me that this subcommittee, now being called the Project Review Team, had been discussed at a previous Local Planning Committee meeting and is made up of two representatives from each of the five LPC subcommittees:

Transportation  Tiffany Martin Hamilton and Jeff Hunt
Livable Communities  Matthew Nelson and Todd Erling
Food  Michelle Hughes and Elena Mosley
Workforce  Michael Sadowski and Tiney Abitabile
Waterfront  Betsy Gramkow and Seth Rapport

Add to these ten, only four of whom, to my knowledge, actually reside in Hudson, the state officials--Crystal Robinson Loffler (Homes and Community Renewal), Mike Yevoli (Empire State Development), John Wimbush and Jaime Ethier (Department of State)--and local staff--Sheena Salvino (HDC) and Mike Tucker (Columbia Economic Development Corporation)--and you get the group that will be transforming thirty proposed projects into the draft Hudson DRI Investment Plan.

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  1. Somewhat disturbing is the idea that this group of nonprofessionals is rearranging traffic flow in the lower 1st Ward, and against the current universal thinking about one-way streets.

    Studies show that motorists drive faster and stop less on one-way streets, which hardly contributes to the quality of life in affected neighborhoods.

    To accomplish the DRI, Union and Allen Streets are to become one-way throughways, which means that depending on the Amtrak schedule street use will become faster and also lop-sided with the comings and goings of trains.

    Even though it's a two-way street, Partition Street has been like this for years, and it ain't nice. Taxis, in particular, are notorious for their bad behaviors. On a one-way street, forget about it!

    But even though our neighborhoods will feel more like strip malls, no one is paying any attention to what the DRI Project Review Team is planning for us. If this matter was going through City government - where there's more transparency - residents would be paying more attention to this terrible idea.