Thursday, February 22, 2018

In the Category of Whodathunkit

Although there may be people in Hudson who have never visited the cluster of fishing shacks once known as the Furgary Boat Club, the site, with the name "Furgary Fishing Village," now appears as a destination on the Google map of Hudson.

Gossips has heard reports that, on the two warm days we had this week, the site attracted visitors from Arkansas, as well as photographers from Hillsdale and elsewhere in the county.


  1. That Google maps entry leads back to So, it is the creation of whoever controls this website?? Mark Orton

  2. Interesting. And, thanks Tim, but it wasn't me who put it on Google Maps. I think that'd be beyond my technological skills. But the story it links to, from two and a half years ago, continues to get more than a hundred views a month with no promotion. Mostly from Google searches who from what I can see. I can't get a story-to-story breakdown any more of geographics on the back-end but when I could, most of that story's views, once its local buzz faded, were coming from other U.S. states, Europe and Australia.
    --Billy Shannon

    1. Your story on The Shacks continues as the number one reason people visit the site from away. It was no surprise when earlier this week the couple from Arkansas gave it as their reason for visiting.

      That, sir, is why I said you are clever, and not for your technological skills which are abominable (heh).


  3. The 100% (local) member supported tin boat association entertained Fisherfolk and hunters from Brooklyn to Brazil, without regard taxpayer cost.

    "Free and easy" is prescribed by law, here and in Arkansas.