Saturday, February 24, 2018

Scenes from the Plunge

The Hudson Polar Plunge for 2018 happened today at noon, and Gossips was there--not to plunge but to observe. There was a great turnout to watch people hurl themselves into the chilly waters of Oakdale Lake. Among the better dressed teams taking the plunge was the Hudson Bed Race Team, made up of Lisa Durfee, David Olivencia, and Peter Frank.

The Hudson Police Department had a team that took the chilly dive into the lake and also won the coveted Plunger award for raising the most money.

Without a doubt, though, the best turned out and the greatest crowd pleaser was Girlgantua, a.k.a. Justin Weaver, who shed her opulent faux fur and kicked off her heels to take the plunge. She lost her wig in the chilly water, but her makeup and composure remained flawless.

Another memorable Saturday in our extraordinary little city.

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  1. What a great event! So glad there are people crazy enough to do this!