Friday, July 6, 2018

Buy a Piece of Hudson History

Yesterday, the City of Hudson announced the auction of some decommissioned City property. Among the pickup trucks, a back hoe, a riding lawn mower, several old Ford Crown Victorias that were once police cars, and some used fire fighting equipment are the old Common Council chairs.

It's not clear how old the chairs are, but they probably don't yet qualify as antiques. The picture below, taken in 1961, the year before City Hall was relocated from 327 Warren Street (the original City Hall, now known as Hudson Hall) to 520 Warren Street, suggests that the chairs may date from 1962. Although many elements of the original 1855 Council chamber made the move and were reinstalled at 520 Warren Street, the new space may have necessitated new desks and chairs for the aldermen.
But alas, the label on the bottom of the chairs puts the lie to that theory.

The chairs were made at L&B, whose factory, according to the label, was located in Hudson, NY. Since the L&B factory in Hudson wasn't built until 1982 (L&B had previously been located in Stottville), the chairs cannot be more than 36 years old. Annoyingly, whoever entered the date of delivery on this tag, which was never removed, didn't do so in a way that could be deciphered.

However old they actually are, you can get ten well-built, matching chairs--chairs that have been part of four decades of Hudson history--at a real bargain. The opening bid for all ten is $10. 

The auction ends on July 19. Click here to learn more. 


  1. I bid $1.7 for any chair that was once occupied by Alerman Bob Donahue.

    1. I sat in one of those for about 6 years -- not too comfy.

  2. I see your bid for Doc Donahue's chair and raise it to $1.80.

  3. Mr. Donahue and his family suffered a terrible loss a few months ago with the tragic loss of their son.
    To make matters worse, at that time Mrs. Donahue had cancer and struggles with the disease today.
    I'm sure that Mr. Donahue will cast your stones in a pile and not offer to comment.
    But I will.
    Shame one each of you fools.
    And more so on you Carol, because you know about Mr. Donahue's struggles and allowed the above comments to be posted.

  4. My Donahue's personal demise and problems have nothing to do with the banter and fun that Mark Young and Peter have created with the bidding for Doc's chair . It is fun and good natured . It is about the public behaviour and reputation that Doc has garnered as an elected alderman and public official . I have had the honor of rude and nasty comments being said to me in a pubic meeting ( and out of order on his part ) by Doc . His foolish and boorish mutterings are famous if anyone took the time to attend the city meetings and many did . I raise the bidding to 1.90 and I wish Doc and his family the best .

    1. It is not about the past or you or anyone else.
      It is to show respect and some basic decency to All of the Donohue family.
      Especially at this challenging time for them.
      You are out of order.
      And shame on you too.

    2. Hypocrite
      Humor is about timing
      Your statements are at the wrong time and many find them to be mean spirited
      Oh excuse me it's all about you