Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Response from CEDC

Late last night, Gossips reported what Fourth Ward supervisor Linda Mussmann had posted on her Facebook page about the possibility that Mike Tucker, president of CEDC (Columbia Economic Development Corporation), might take Sheena Salvino's place at HDC (Hudson Development Corporation) and about Tucker's role in drafting the City's DRI application, which contained several controversial statements. This morning, Tucker, on behalf of CEDC, sent Gossips the following statement to clarify the situation and correct misconceptions.   
In an effort to provide transparency to the Board of Supervisors at its Economic Development Committee meeting, I reported that the Chair of the Hudson Development Corporation (HDC) had contacted me yesterday morning inquiring if Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) would be able to provide short-term administrative support services to HDC during the transition resulting from the departure of Sheena Salvino. I indicated to the Committee that neither the CEDC or HDC Boards had taken any action on the request. CEDC currently provides administrative services to the Columbia County Industrial Development Agency, Columbia County Resource Corporation and the City of Hudson Industrial Development Agency. I would not characterize the discussion as announcing that either CEDC or I are planning on "taking over" HDC, but simply reporting in an open forum that the request had been made.
Further, in response to a question from a Supervisor as to who was responsible for submitting the DRI application, I indicated that while CEDC and I participated in staff roles, the application was submitted by the Mayor on behalf of the City. I never denied CEDC's or my participation in drafting the DRI and I did not "blame" the former Mayor for any of its content.