Friday, July 13, 2018

Inside Bliss Towers

In March, there was much attention being paid to Bliss Towers. Congressman John Faso, who had toured the building with Tiffany Garriga, alderman and former resident of Bliss Towers, had written to HUD secretary Ben Carson, calling his attention to the living conditions at Bliss Towers, allegedly saying they had "deteriorated well beyond livable." Meanwhile, Timothy Mattice, who had taken over as executive director in September 2017, was doing a reassessment of the entire building, preparing to address both buildingwide issues and problems with individual apartments.  

Since March, the intense scrutiny of the building has relaxed, but the plans for improving the building are moving ahead. The fences have come down, and plans for new landscaping are being pursued. The lobby has been redone. One third of the units have been completely rehabilitated--new kitchens, new bathrooms, new flooring. Another third will be rehabbed next year. The remaining third required only a new coat of paint.

On June 29, there was an open house at Bliss Towers, to introduce residents to available community services and people in the community, who may never have visited Bliss Towers, to the building and to show off the work being done. Gossips was not able to attend the open house, but recently, Fourth Ward alderman Rich Volo provided these pictures of the lobby and the kitchen in one of the apartments being rehabbed.


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