Thursday, July 26, 2018

In Memoriam: Cyndy Hall

The sad news was shared earlier today that Cyndy Hall died last night. I knew Cyndy only as the chair of the Columbia County Democratic Committee. She was indomitable and indefatigable, able to persuade you, in the most powerful yet unintimidating way, to do things that you really didn't want to do--like carrying petitions or canvassing your neighborhood for Democratic candidates you didn't know much about or marching with the Columbia County Democrats in the Flag Day Parade. The picture below of Cyndy was taken in 2014 when I was, at her urging, marching in the Flag Day Parade.

This afternoon, Enid Futterman published a lovely tribute to Cyndy on, but the tribute I want most to share is one posted on Facebook by Charlie Ferrusi, and with his permission I do so. It reminds us that Cyndy was for thirty-seven years a music teacher in the Hudson City School District:
Cyndy Hall, my beloved middle school music teacher, who I later learned was a fierce Democratic leader and progressive activist, has passed away. I remember when my friends and I used to call her home phone growing up when we were about 11-14 years old, just to chat about life. There would be up to five of us (Christine, Marissa, Emily, Catherine) calling her. I can still remember her home phone number. She was a friend, teacher, leader, role model, and had the most uplifting spirit. I am so grateful for people like Ms. Hall, who fought like hell to make Columbia County a better place for kids like me.
To quote another of her students, Justin Weaver: "Rest in peace, dear, sweet Cyndy Hall. You taught us all Dona Nobis Pacem as our beloved music teacher. . . . Fly high with the chorus of Angels now."

A memorial service for Cyndy will be held at Bates & Anderson Redmond & Keeler Funeral Home, 110 Green Street in Hudson, on Saturday, August 4, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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