Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Response from the Mayors

Linda Mussmann's Facebook post, in which she alleged that Mike Tucker "blamed the statement [in the DRI application] about the relationship of Colarusso and the city on the 'then Mayor'--Tiffany Martin Hamilton," prompted a response from Tucker, which Gossips has already published, and also a response from the former mayor, Tiffany Martin. Her statement appears below.
As former mayor of the City of Hudson, I was actively involved in the City's successful DRI grant application. Based upon recent public comments concerning the DRI grant application and certain statements contained therein, I feel it is necessary to clarify one particular statement in the DRI grant application that was made in error.
Specifically, a statement in the DRI application reads as follows:
"Though accommodating the operational growth of the business has been a challenge to address in terms of the impact on waterfront businesses and the environment, City officials and neighboring business owners support the expansion of Colarusso."
To the extent this statement suggests that the City and neighboring business owners support the expansion of Colarusso's business operations at the waterfront, it was in error. Rather, the statement should have made it clear that, while it has been a challenge to the City of Hudson to balance the competing needs of those involved in the business operations at the waterfront with environmental concerns, City officials and neighboring business owners recognize Colarusso's legal right to continue existing operations in compliance with local laws.
Tiffany Martin's statement was accompanied by a statement from the current mayor, Rick Rector, saying: "I have reviewed the statement from former mayor Tiffany Martin regarding the DRI application and am in agreement."

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