Friday, July 6, 2018

Henry Johnson's Links to Hudson

Yesterday, in the post about Henry Johnson, it was noted that, around the time Johnson was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French military, his wife was in Hudson, visiting her brother Clarence Jackson, who lived at 430 Diamond Street. I calculated that 430 Diamond Street would have stood where the TSL parking lot now is.

Not long after I published that post, Bruce Mitchinson sent me this newspaper clipping.

Although the clipping isn't dated, the partial text of articles on the back of the clipping suggests that this was about 1964. It isn't possible to make out house numbers from the photograph, but it is likely that the house on the right was 430 Diamond Street, the home of Clarence Jackson, Henry Johnson's brother-in-law.

Despite the fact that, according to the caption, the houses were being demolished to make way for the office and warehouse of Galway Vendors, Inc., a firm "that distributes amusement and vending machines in Columbia and Greene Counties," Mitchinson recalls that nothing was ever built on the site. It remained an empty overgrown lot until it became the parking lot for TSL.

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