Sunday, September 2, 2018

A Warning About Walking in the Cemetery

Every morning and evening, Joey and I walk in the cemetery, and we have not encountered this animal, but someone else who walks there regularly contacted me today to warn that there is a "fairly large red fox which is clearly in some distress wandering around the cemetery." It is described as mangy looking and acting disoriented and somewhat threatening. So far, to my knowledge, there have been no reports of the fox displaying aggression toward humans or dogs. 

The fox has been sighted in both parts of the cemetery. On Friday morning, it was seen in the far corner of Cedar Park Cemetery, across Newman Road from the entrance to the transfer station. This morning, it was spotted up on the hill in the Hudson City Cemetery. Caution and vigilance are recommended for anyone walking or jogging in the cemetery, with or without a dog.


  1. I think I've seen this poor creature, down on the Foster's lot, lying in the sun. Almost no fur left. Poor thing. I wondered what became of it.

  2. Sounds like it has rabies and should be put out of its misery asap.

  3. I was advised to call the police, who would then call animal control, and I did so. My conversation with the dispatch officer was enlightening. He told me that foxes do get mange, and mange alone wasn't an indication that the animal was rabid. Disorientation, however, could be. He urged that the next time the fox was sighted, the person seeing it should call the police immediately, so that officers have a better chance of locating it.

  4. Sarcoptic Mange is going around, and the affected fox won't survive. But a cull of the fox population will give our ground-birds an uncommon opportunity to multiply. When fox rebound, the cycle will begin again.