Tuesday, September 4, 2018

An Appeal for the Fox

It seems there are several people who have seen and are concerned about the fox suffering from sarcoptic mange that lives in the cemetery. Wildlife rehabilitators have been contacted, but in order to get help for the poor beast, it is necessary to know where the fox spends most of its time. The cemetery is a big place, and three different sightings put the fox in three different places. So I appeal to readers who spend time in the cemetery. If you see the fox, please note the time and location, with as much specificity as possible, and report the information in a comment on this post or in an email. Perhaps if enough sightings are documented, we can establish its movements and determine where it's most likely to be found.

The picture above shows a red fox with mange, but it is not the red fox in the cemetery. Although I am trying to assist in getting help for the fox, I confess I have never seen it much less been able to take a picture of it.

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