Thursday, September 27, 2018

Guerrilla Zebra Stripes

Former Second Ward supervisor Ed Cross has, at every opportunity, been requesting that crosswalks be striped at the corner of Third and State streets. If memory serves, the last time this request was made to DPW superintendent Rob Perry he said crosswalks would be created at this corner if his crew had enough time and materials. 

Earlier this week, crosswalks miraculously appeared on part of this intersection, on the east side of Third Street and the south side of State Street.


The crosswalks don't appear to be quite up to DPW standards, and photographs that appeared on one of Fourth Ward supervisor Linda Mussmann's Facebook pages, with the legend "Making the neighborhood safer north 3rd & state st," reveal why.

Photo: Linda Mussmann|Facebook
Photo: Linda Mussmann|Facebook
Update: More about the guerrilla zebra stripes appeared this afternoon on HudsonValley360: "Officials: Rogue crosswalks illegal." 


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  2. The crosswalk paint has to be a certain standard of visibility otherwise when people cross it and get hit by a car, and it turns out it was painted unofficially, they'll have less standing in court to sue the driver of the automobile.

    Not the smartest idea anyone ever came up with, but if it spurs the city to actually do maintenance and upkeep on its roads (wow what a thought) then it's worth the misdemeanor/fine.

    The city keeps raising taxes and it's very unclear what they are using the money for.

    Hopefully they aren't so incompetent that they are just losing it, instead of lining their own pockets, but I'm not optimistic.

  3. This morning, I noticed that someone had painted little dabs of yellow paint on the edges of my driveway. Then I noticed they were at the edges of all the driveways on Worth Avenue. Then the curbs at the intersection of Union and Worth; and the driveways on upper Union . . ..

    It's a goddam shame that otherwise law-abiding citizens feel that they have to take matters of pedestrian safety into their own hands while some government agency (DPW?) spends resources on pointless tasks like letting property owners know where their own driveways are.

    This situation -- a tone-deaf and disinterested DPW -- has been going on for a long time (at least since then-mayor Scalera made a political lackey its commissioner, a position he still occupies). I think many in Hudson expected a new mayor to change at least the culture if not the personnel. In the event, neither has occurred over (now) 3 separate mayoral administrations.

    No pedestrian crossings where needed, no parking lines where needed. No leadership when needed. I'm sensing a pattern.