Monday, September 10, 2018

Supermarket Going, Grocer Not Here Yet

Bill Williams of 98.5 The Cat reported today that this Saturday, September 15, will be the last day for Price Chopper in Greenport.

In other grocery store news, this Wednesday, September 12, was to be the day Rolling Grocer 19 made its first appearance in Hudson, in the parking lot of Bliss Towers, but that's not going to happen. Today, it was announced on the GR19 Facebook page that the inaugural run of the mobile grocery store has been postponed.
WORK IN PROGRESS. We're sad to say it but we need to push back our opening date to later in the month. As much as we want to be on the road, some unforeseen circumstances prohibit us from getting out there this week. We're aiming for next Wednesday the 19th, BUT we will keep you updated with any new developments.

Meanwhile, there's ShopRite, which is moving to the Price Chopper location, a mile farther out on Fairview Avenue, but is for now still where it's been for twenty-five years and open.


  1. And Stewart's on Fairview Avenue too.


  2. As long as we're talking local grocers, don't forget to mention the various bodegas around town, including Stewarts.

  3. Price Chopper today: empty shelves, shelves completely removed, and HALF PRICE ICE CREAM, I scream.

  4. A proper response to the obesity crisis - shop at Stewart's!

    "Live til you're 40, max!" <- The Stewart's Corporation slogan.