Monday, September 10, 2018

Fox News

As regular readers know, Gossips and some other folks who walk regularly in the cemetery--with dogs and without--have been trying to establish the movements and likely locations of a fox with sarcoptic mange that lives in the cemetery. Our goal is track its movements and perhaps find its den for the purpose of getting help for the poor creature. 

Last Wednesday, I published two pictures of the fox taken by the person who had first alerted me to its presence. In the pictures, the fox is running along the road that borders Section D in the old part of the cemetery.

On Sunday morning, while standing very near the spot from which these pictures were taken but looking the other way, I saw the fox for myself, running up on the hill, but alas, I failed to get a picture of it. This morning, however, the original fox spotter saw the fox again in Section D, emerging from a hollow tree where it apparently had been sheltering from the rain.


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