Tuesday, September 18, 2018

"A Zoning Solution Within Our Grasp"

On Wednesday, the Register-Star published a "My View" by Jonathan Lerner and Walter Chatham called "A Zoning Solution Within Our Grasp," which proposed that form-based zoning might be a solution to Hudson's zoning issues. The next afternoon, Lerner was featured on WGXC's Thursday Afternoon Show, in conversation with hosts Tom DePietro and Ellen Thurston. The program has now been archived and can be heard here. The conversation begins at 1:05:50.


  1. And to toot my horn tooting their horn: https://www.hudsonvalley360.com/article/bravo-my-view

  2. "1784, May 14th. The proprietors held their first meeting at the house of Seth Jenkins, and voted to proceed to elect such officers as were necessary to regulate their internal measures, so far as their land extended. ... Seth Jenkins, John Thurston, Daniel Paddock, Joseph Barnard, Thomas Jenkins, Gideon Gardner and David Lawrence were appointed a committee 'to regulate streets, and to attend in a particular manner to the fixing the buildings uniformly.'

    "It was also voted, 'that no person should fix his house without such direction from a majority of the committee as they might think proper,' and that 'no person should extend his steps more than four feet from his door or seller ways.'"

    From "Sketches of Hudson," by S.B. Miller, 1862.