Wednesday, September 19, 2018

County Looking to Sell Three Lots in Hudson

Back in July, Gossips did a post about three lots on Strawberry Alley that somehow didn't get transferred to the City of Hudson in a land swap back in 2003 or 2004: "More Land for Sale." That post ended with this thought:
Given the current interest in promoting infill housing and developing new housing on vacant or underused sites within residential areas, these three lots might be the perfect place to create a little row of houses whose design would mimic that of a mews. How charming would it be to have an address on Strawberry Alley? The people in the neighborhood might not be very enthusiastic about it though, since they seem to have claimed these lots as a parking and vehicle storage area.
Photo: Linda Mussmann

Photo: Linda Mussmann
The Register-Star is now reporting that the Board of Supervisors has agreed to sell the land at auction: "Columbia County to sell 3 parcels on Strawberry Alley for minimum of $3,000 each." The article quotes Matt Murell as saying, "You can't really build on those parcels because there is no water or sewer going to those lots, as far as I know. The neighbors who complained [about people throwing garbage and parking cars there] may be interested in purchasing the properties, though."

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