Friday, September 28, 2018

Russian Hackers and Fulton History

On the morning of September 7, a ransomware cryptovirus that originated in Russia struck the invaluable newspaper database, a site Gossips relies on extensively for historical research. It was a sad day. Miraculously, though, only a few days later, the site was up and running again. Earlier this week, the story of the attack and the recovery was told in the Times Union: "Grondahl: Russian hackers no match for digital archivist." Bravo, Tom Tryniski!

Thanks to Virginia Martin and Jim Hoon for bringing the article to my attention


  1. Yes, it is a very important archive that I also rely on! My ancestry is rooted heavily in New York State, and during, and before, the American Revolution!

  2. Russian hackers everywhere --- we set up a facial recognition software in our Valatie warehouse on one computer.

    our tech did not "password' it. who would find it ?

    however, it didnt work very well. for three months. finally someone discovered the reason. we have been hacked by some latvians who were using our computer to shop on Victorias Secret and other sites -- we ended up watching them control our machine before we shut them down.

    its a brave new world !! so crazy