Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Tomorrow Night at the Planning Board Meeting

The agenda for tomorrow night's Planning Board meeting is now available at the City of Hudson website, and it includes two things of interest. First, there is Alderman John Rosenthal's presentation addressing "the thinking behind" proposed Local Law No. 5, the law that would amend the zoning in R2 and R2H districts principally to enable Stewart's to expand its gas station and convenience store at the corner of Green Street and Fairview Avenue. Also, The Maker Group will present its plan to convert the house 16-18 North Third Street into a "mixed use commercial building."

The Planning Board meeting begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall.


  1. I still don't know who said "the thinking behind," which was also used in a previous post.

    They're beginning to look like scare quotes.

  2. See

  3. I see now, you're quoting Mitch Khosrova who was asking for more information.

    The scare quotes draw sneering attention to the word "thinking" as if there's no actual thinking here, when the defenders of the idea aren't even the ones being quoted!

    Whether intended or not, that's not too fair.