Monday, September 24, 2018

Followup on the Freak Accident

This afternoon, HudsonValley360 revealed the identity of the man who impaled himself on the wrought iron fence at 809 Warren Street on Friday night: "Man impaled by fence expected to recover." It was Chip Griffiths! He fell while walking his dog, Dutch, one of Joey's sometime play dates at the dog park, and the fence pierced his right shoulder.

I couldn't find a picture of Griffiths, so I opted for this picture of Dutch, found on Griffiths' Facebook page. I wish Griffiths a speedy recovery and hope Dutch is being well cared for while his human is in the hospital.

Update: I have since learned, from that wonderful local news source Facebook, that Dutch unexpectedly tugged causing Griffiths to lose his balance (Joey has done the same to me), and Dutch is being well cared for in his home by a group of friends and neighbors while he waits for his human to come home from the hospital. 

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