Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ear to the Ground

At Tuesday's HDC (Hudson Development Corporation) meeting, Seth Rapport, who served as president of the HDC board in the past and recently rejoined the board, delivered an eloquent statement about the necessity of support from the community and the Common Council. His entire statement can be heard in Dan Udell's video, beginning at 38:30, but the gist of it is captured in this sentence: "It is my belief, and no one will convince me otherwise, that the viability and effectiveness of this board is vitally connected to the strong, consistent support both from the community and the Common Council."

Gossips has since learned and confirmed that Rapport and three other members of the HDC board--Kristal Heinz, Duncan Calhoun, and Brian Stickles--have resigned, as has Matt Griesemer, counsel to HDC. Griesemer is a member of law firm Freeman Howard; city attorney Andy Howard is a founding member of that firm.   

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