Friday, February 15, 2019

And Then There Was One

In 2017, the City of Hudson employed three attorneys: Ken Dow was the city attorney--"corporation counsel"; Andy Howard was counsel to the Council; and Mitch Khosrova was counsel to the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Historic Preservation Commission. Beginning in January 2018, there were just two attorneys: Howard was city attorney, and Khosrova was assistant city attorney, counsel to the regulatory boards. This morning, Gossips received the following announcement from City Hall:
City of Hudson Mayor Rick Rector announced today that there have been revisions to the City's legal advisory group. Andrew Howard, Corporation Counsel for the City of Hudson, will be assuming the additional role as legal counsel to the City's three regulatory boards, which include the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Historic Preservation Commission.
This change will streamline the legal communication process for all city departments, agencies, boards and commissions. "Establishing a single voice for matters related to legal issues is something we have been evaluating and discussing for the past several months," said Mayor Rector.
"The community and I extend our thanks and appreciation to Mitchell Khosrova for his outstanding work with the three regulatory boards for the last few years," stated Rector. "Mitch has been loyal and consistent and will be missed."


  1. Thank you Mr. Khosrova, and thank you Mayor Rector for moving with the times.

    With many people's years of hard work at stake, we can be assured that Mr. Howard is solidly in our corner.

    Also take a moment to recall the good defense Mr. Dow provided towards the outcome of the Colarusso lawsuit. The court's judgement richly rewards those years of efforts mentioned above; we needed someone who could capitalize on that.

  2. I cant be as gracious as Unheimlick. Khrosrova, don't let the Mayors office door hit you in the ass on the way out!