Friday, February 22, 2019

It's Only Hours Away

The Second Annual Hudson Polar Plunge happens tomorrow, starting at noon. 

Photo: Zach Neven
In addition to the Great Chili Cook-Off, which takes place at the Central Fire Station right after the last brave soul has plunged into the icy waters, there are other features of the second annual Polar Plunge that are new for 2019. For instance, there will be live music on the beach, courtesy of Sauerkraut Seth and friends.

Then there are the coveted Blue Plunger awards. Last year, the Blue Plunger awards went to the individual and the team who raised the most money for the Youth Department and the HFD Water Rescue Team. (In the picture above, Chief Ed Moore holds the Blue Plunger won by the HPD team in 2018.) This year, Blue Plungers will also be awarded for the best costumes--the best individual costume and the best team costume or theme. All those competing in the costume contest will gather on the steps of the beach house at noon (while everyone's costume is still dry), and, with help from an enthusiastic throng of spectators, the winners will be determined by the "applause-o-meter."  

So, get yourself to Oakdale Lake tomorrow morning. All the thrills and excitement begin at noon.

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