Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Last Night at City Hall

Last night's Common Council meeting was fairly uneventful, except that Dave Barnett from GAR Associates was there to talk about the revaluation of property in Hudson. He presented the following timeline. New assessments will be mailed to property owners on March 1. A month of informal review follows, during which property owners can examine the information used to determine property value and challenge the assessment. On May 1, the tentative tax roll will be filed. When that happens, the formal grievance period with the BAR (Board of Assessment Review) begins. The final tax roll will be filed on July 1.

Barnett asserted that the goal of the revalutation was "to get the value correct" and explained that what will be sent to property owners on March 1 will be the old assessment, the new assessment, and a "hypothetical tax illustration," in other words, a projection of what the tax on the property might be given the new assessment. He asked the aldermen not to answer questions about the revaluation but to refer all questions to GAR.

Barnett's presentation (which begins at 32:58) and the entire Council meeting can be seen in Dan Udell's video, now available on YouTube.   


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