Thursday, February 21, 2019

What Is the Future Now for the Half Moon?

In 2014, Gossips gave extensive attention to the departure of the replica Half Moon for the Netherlands, where it was moored at the Westfries Museum in the City of Hoorn as a living history center to highlight the Dutch Golden Age. 

Yesterday, the Times Union reported that the City Council of Hoorn has voted to end is financial support of the Half Moon next year: "Half Moon losing Dutch host port; a return to Albany?" According to the article, "The council said the ship was too costly to maintain and must leave port when its contract expires on April 1, 2020."

Back in 2009, during the Quadricentennial Celebration of Henry Hudson's discovery of the river that bears his name, there was some interest in making Hudson the home port for the replica ship. Ten years later, after the Hudson Opera House was persuaded to drop Henry from its proposed new name because of because of the explorer's overall bad reputation and the negative impact his explorations had on indigenous people, it's not clear what the attitude in Hudson might be toward the Half Moon.

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