Thursday, February 21, 2019

Different Equipment, Different Reason

Gossips has more than once reported about ice harvesting on the Hudson River and on Underhill Pond a century or more ago.

Today, something that looked for all the world like a 21st-century version of ice harvesting--involving a chainsaw and no horses--was taking place on Oakdale Lake, as Dan Hickey, Justin Elliot, and Jake Thomas, members of the Hudson Fire Department Water Rescue Team, cut away blocks of ice to create some open water for Saturday's Polar Plunge.

The Hudson Polar Plunge takes place this Saturday, February 23, and raises money for the Youth Department and the Fire Department's Water Rescue Team. The plunging begins at noon. To register to take the plunge into the icy waters for a good cause, or to support folks who have already made the commitment to "freezin' for a reason," click here.

The photos of today's ice harvesting activity were provided by Peter Frank

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  1. I blame myself for getting too busy to work on this this winter, but this ice is beautifully skateable! To next winter on single runners!